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painted vile in lurid hue

inside your head the monsters whirl

fan gathering for the ice queen herself
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All Members , Moderated
this is a community for fans of siouxsie and the banshees, the creatures or siouxsie solo projects. to gather and discuss the music and the person (people) behind the great music, style and innovative force that created the banshees and the punk/goth movement.

rules: no posts against the community (obviously)
no being rude to any one else here, that's not the way to go people
(exception to above rule) be rude if some one disobeys first rule
no anti-siouxsie posts (yet another obvious one)
post what you want when you want, as longs as it's remotely relevant

icons: i create all icons for this community myself. if you would like to use one, please credit me.


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